Angsa Duo Island, West Sumatra, Indonesia

January 17, 2015

The final exam have been finished! WOHOOOO And welcome holiday. For opening this holiday season, I and my friends did a trip to Angsa Duo Island in Pariaman. We chose to use the train because it’s the fastest and easiest way to get there.

At 5.30 AM, I’ve been in the railway station. My train was leave at 6.00 AM, no more no less. How so sleepy I was. Because it was on Saturday that means a day off, the train was so full. Fortunately, we departed in the first station, so all of us got the seat.

We arrived in Pariaman City at 7.30 AM through 3 stations. Ah yeah, It was Pariaman City, no doubt about its hot weather. Although it was early, the sun already gave us its sting. So, don’t forget to bring your suncare, guys.

To get Angsa Duo Island, we could use the speedboat or fishing boat in Gandoriah Beach. We chose to use speedboat because there are roof. We only spent Rp 30.000 for renting round-trip speedboat. From the last station, we only took 5 minutes to go to Gandoriah Beach on foot.

Because it was still morning, we had so much time before crossing to the island. So we chose to get breakfast. We needed so much energy to play, swim, and take a picture in there hahaha. Oh yeah, don’t forget to bring the stock of foods before crossing to the island because there aren’t a restaurant in there. There are only a small stall that sells “GORENGAN” and a few drinks.

Yap, we finished breakfast. So, what were we waiting for? LET’S CROSS TO THE ISLAND. Took 15 minutes to cross the sea for reaching the Island. And finally here I was, Angsa Duo Island!

Angsa Duo Island, Pariaman, West Sumatra

I love this island because not too crowded. Felt like in our private island. And this island provides the water games, too.

Don’t forget to take your SUNCARE.

Thanks, IF5.


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