7 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Not Go Back To Him

I need to read this everyday

Thought Catalog

This list started off as a way for me to get over someone. Every time I find myself thinking about him, or I have the urge to search through his countless social media profiles, I read this list instead. It reminds me why it would be better for me to simply cut off from him completely.

1. He doesn’t care about you.

It’s easy to show someone you care. Text them first, ask them about what’s been happening in their life, be open about how you feel about them. He doesn’t respond to 90% of your text messages, then tells you that he’s “just a jerk and doesn’t feel like talking to people sometimes”. If the person you’re interested in isn’t showing you that they care, chances are they don’t.

2. He only wants you when he’s lonely.

He goes days or weeks without contacting you, and then he texts…

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